Xerox PrimeLink B9100

Production ready, office-friendly black and white.

  • B&W MFP with support for 330 x 660mm banner printing
  • Walk-up simplicity and production-level capability in one compact device
  • Incredibly reliable with exceptional image quality
  • Endlessly configurable – feeding, finishing, and Digital Front End options to fit every print environment
  • A wealth of production-friendly, office-ready features including workflow apps and built-in security

Base configuration

Configured with feeding and finisher options


Features & Benefits


The Prime Advantage

The Xerox PrimeLink B9100 Series Copier/ Printer is designed to support modern office workgroups and in-plant print shops with the widest breadth of capabilities on the market.

  • A compact, high-performance configuration small enough to place near your work-group—but configurable enough to handle a full range of black and white applications.
  • A fast single-pass, dual-head color scanner copies or converts pages to widely used digital formats at speeds up to 270 images per minute (ipm).
  • Access to Xerox App Gallery right from the user interface, where you’ll find cloud-connected apps to automate complex, time-consuming tasks for business, education, healthcare, and more.
  • Easy-to-use Xerox Integrated Copy/Print Server for touchscreen control of copy, scan, and pro-level print functions.
  • Optional Xerox EX B9100 Series Print Server powered by Fiery provides increased efficiency, automation, advanced job setup, and other performance-boosting features to help you get more done, faster.
  • Integrated security features at the machine and over the network ensure data safety and compliance with strict, industry-specific standards like HIPAA and FIPS 140-2.

Real Possibilities

Opportunities are endless with PrimeLink. The same technologies that drive image quality and reliability in Xerox® Production Presses are adapted to its compact footprint.

  • Xerox-developed VCSEL print technology uses 32 lasers to produce true high def (2400 x 2400 dpi) text and images, consistent print densities, and neutral grays.
  • Our new EA-Eco LGK toner produces rich blacks, more consistent, smoother shades of gray, and better readability with its low-gloss matte finish.
  • Under-the-hood monitoring and automated toner density adjustments with our Simple Image Quality Adjustment (SIQA) for defect-free output.
  • Automated technologies keep sheets on track at high speeds—even with heavier, lighter, or longer stocks—reducing jams and ensuring output accuracy.
  • Save profiles for future use with the same stocks.
  • Digital Image Registration Control Technology (IReCT) measures each sheet position as it runs through the printer— making precise corrections digitally in real time for ultra-high precision registration.

Production Versatility

With a full range of feeding, stacking, and finishing options, PrimeLink takes you anywhere—from office to entry-level production and beyond.

  • Insert color covers, pages, and other preprinted material post-print, pre-finishing for added application variety and productivity.
  • Print everything from polyester vinyl window clings to extra-long-sheet (XLS) banners, book jackets, calendars, and more up to 26″/660 mm in length.
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