Xerox iGen4 Diamond Edition

World-class automation and benchmark colour quality for top-tier production environments

The Xerox iGen4 Diamond Edition combines all of the capabilities you need to succeed with digital. It is the latest advancement in the iGen family that has revolutionised the industry. But much more important than what iGen has done for the industry is what it can do for your business – and for your time to profit.

Everybody’s talking about workflow. Is anyone talking about how to make the work flow more profitably through your shop? We are. The answer is end-to-end automation and the transformational power it brings to your business.

Let’s take a closer look at what the Xerox® iGen4® Diamond Edition automation does for your business. The results can be measured in time – some of our customers have been able to eliminate an entire shift, achieving the same profitability in 16 hours that they used to in 24. They can be measured in money – fewer shifts means lower costs for labour, utilities and a range of other costs of doing business. They can also be measured in satisfied customers. Ours and yours.


Features & Benefits


Automation from Beginning to End
The iGen4 Diamond Edition is a tightly integrated digital print solution, not merely a press. Automation is everywhere in the iGen4 Diamond Edition solution, radically reducing setup time, improving image quality, reducing labour costs and speeding up turnaround times.

Image Quality that Passes Every Test
Improved image quality and image consistency make the iGen4 Diamond Edition quality predictable – to achieve, to maintain, and to match from shift to shift, even from city to city and press to press. Other advancements, like our Matt Dry Ink, provide a level of quality that makes jobs that used to be exclusively offset within reach.

Unmatched Job Flexibility
Extended media options, inline finishing capabilities and a larger 660 mm sheet size expand the kinds of jobs you can offer to your customers.

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