Xerox iGen 5 Press

One platform; unprecedented productivity, automation, quality, and flexibility.

  • Quality and productivity are guaranteed with advanced automation that inhabits the press from beginning to end
  • Optional 5th print station supports the Orange, Green and Blue Gamut Extension Colours as well as White and Clear to create differentiation with digital print enhancements
  • 660 mm sheet size and the Thick Stock Capability (24 pt / 610 microns) help you expand into new markets and applications
  • Press design allows you to select the exact configuration you need – speed, four or five print stations and feeding/finishing that meet your production and application requirements

Change the way your customers see digital printing – and the way they see you. They may view digital as being suitable only for a limited subset of jobs – but now, digital is a solution that increases capabilities and enables a wider variety of jobs, making you the go-to print provider.


Features & Benefits


The Xerox® iGen® 5 is the most productive digital press on the market, thanks to unprecedented levels of automation and intelligence built into the press from end to end. This automation radically reduces setup, improves image quality, reduces labour costs, and drives more profitable turnaround times.

The impact is immediate and dramatic both in your print facility and on your bottom line.

The Xerox® iGen® 5 Press is built for the changing world of printing so you can seize new, profitable opportunities. The industry’s most available and productive digital press platform offers enhanced and valuable capabilities – like a 5th print station for gamut extension and digital embellishments – giving you a compelling solution to the way our print world operates today.

You’re not just in the business of printing. You’re in the business of speed. That’s why it is so important that you think outside the box and consider the value of every step in the print process.

When you combine the efficiency of the iGen® 5 with the power of FreeFlow® Core, getting more color options doesn’t mean losing more prepress time. You can quickly and easily set up workflows using Xerox® FreeFlow® Core to automatically prepare files for print, taking touchpoints out of your process and running more jobs with your press.

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