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Capture. Automate. Manage. Distribute.


The only thing worse than stacks of paper is manually keying in data locked on that paper. With our data capture solutions, you can save space, save time and save the headaches of the old way of doing things.

Data can be intelligently scanned or captured using smart forms, then trigger workflows and enhancement processes before being stored in central digital repository.

Cut data entry time by 95% and remove the chance of human-error or delays.


Digitising your documents solves the first piece of the puzzle – now it’s time to drive efficiencies. There’s no point moving from a paper haystack to a digital haystack, is there?

Our solutions allow you to automatically name and file scanned documents securely for easy management and retrieval.

Then automatically trigger workflows and approval processes based on the document type – set up document routing to keep productivity at a high.


We provide the smartest home for your documents – secure, centralised, accessible. Storing your documents in a secure digital archive means no more paper, no chance of loss and no overflowing filing cabinets or storage space.

Not only that, your documents are now instantly retrievable through a single search – enhancing your finance, HR, manufacturing and sales departments.

Smart rules can also be set to control who has rights to access certain documents – particularly useful for documents of confidential nature.


Make sure your documents get to where they need to be in the most efficient way.

We work with you to optimise business performance and productivity while keeping costs low to provide the largest ROI.

From a single printer through to a multinational fleet, our range of hardware and software solutions will enhance your business processes and stop costs spiraling out of control.


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