Vivid Velo Blade Digital Die-Cutting System

Design & Performance
A digital die-cutter that gives you the freedom to easily create unique and intricate products at the most cost-effective price on the market.

Integrated with meticulous cutting, creasing and perforating tools, the Velo Blade enables you to cut any shape or structure directly from your designs, in just one pass.

Printed and laminated sheets are held securely in place using the high-quality vacuum grip conveyor belt. Once cut, sheets are automatically stacked from the vacuum grip conveyor onto the collection tray.

Versatile fast sheetfed production
A set of gantry-mounted vacuum clamps operate together with air separation jets. Stack up to 100mm of paper to feed automatically into the Velo Blade, this is then read by the Industrial CCD registration camera, allowing for unattended production.