Vivid Easycoat Gluing Systems

The new Easycoat Gluing System & Easyguide Carrier create thick substrates for luxury book covers, high-quality business cards and more.

Luxury Substrates
Would your customers see an immediate business benefit to their products feeling thicker when digitally printed? We have the solution.

The new Easycoat is a SRA1/22×34-inch gluing system that adds a layer of adhesive to media. The sheets can then be added one-by-one to create a thick substrate that can be used for many applications, including book covers and luxury, high-quality business cards.

Each glued substrate is placed in the new Easyguide, a unique carrier tray which helps to secure the media in place. The Easyguide gives improved levels of accuracy and precision.

The layers are then passed through the Easymount, adhering and fixing the glued prints by using the systems mounting capabilities. Used in conjunction with Easymount EMS-650, the boards are quickly and easily mounted together.