Variable Data Printing

With Key Digital’s personalisation technologies, print service providers, agencies and marketing teams can expand the services offered to clients providing highly personalised and relevant communications to increase response rates and drive sales.

Our solutions provide a powerful yet easy to use suite of tools for the design and production of personalised communications. They enable you to combine customer data with pre-defined templates to produce dynamic marketing pieces that offer highly personalised 1-to-1 communications for improved campaign effectiveness and ROI.


Features & Benefits


The use of variable data printing has risen dramatically over the past few years as the use of personalised marketing material is becoming more widespread. Variable Data Printing (VDP) can maximise the effectiveness of a business’s marketing campaign and can improve response times and response rates from recipients as well as increase retention.

Using variable data is not just getting a customers name and address on a piece of literature for mailing. It can be so much more than that.

A marketing database can be demographically focused so text and images are tailored to the profile of each recipient. Every page in the document can be generated dynamically to create a personalised and customer focused document. Variable data printing can be used to create unique messages and propositions to customers quickly and easily.