Key Tiered Billing

Our unique four-tier toner coverage system automatically calculates the amount of coloured toner used to produce each page that you print on a UTAX print machine. The Key Tiered Billing system records the printed page against one of four preset meters and will decide which payment tier it comes under Рmeaning you only ever pay for the colour you have used.

What does this mean for you?

If most of your current printing uses little to no colour (Tier 1 or Tier 2), chances are that you are probably being charged more than you would be than if you were part of our Key Tiered Billing system.

  • One fixed rate for black and white copies, another fixed rate for colour copies
  • Colour prints generally charged based on an industry standard of 5-6% coverage – no matter what the true colour coverage – although this can be tailored to each organisation based on their needs
  • Colour coverage levels between 0-100% can be monitored in increments of 0.1%, ensuring comprehensive and accurate measurements

Try our Key Tiered Billing Saving Calculator below to see how much you could potentially save