Think Before You Print

Our unique ‘Think Before You Print’ strategy is designed to highlight and educate end-users about direct print wastage. In any business, regardless of its size, cost saving is critical. Unfortunately to most staff members, the hidden costs or indirect visual costs aren’t at the forefront of their minds.

By highlighting key areas and educating staff in an informative way, we can help to stop spiraling print costs as well as improving overall office efficiency. Paper wastage, energy costs, staff time and efficiency, and the costs these incur, when managed correctly, can add up to substantial savings.

For 90% of businesses, printing is an expenditure that gets paid little to no attention or thought. Research suggests that the average cost of printing per employee is £456 per year, and about 20% of that printed material will just be thrown into the bin without even being looked at – that’s £91.20 per employee per year going to waste.

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