Ricoh Pro L4130/Pro L4160

Want to grow your business in every direction? With the new Ricoh Pro L4130/L4160 you can do just that. Thanks to the latest Ricoh technology and eco-friendly durable latex inks, you can dramatically expand your offering for indoor and outdoor use.

  • New wider colour gamut
  • Enhanced productivity
  • Less drying time
  • Eco-friendly
  • Low energy power consumption

If you want to deliver a wider variety of display material in high-quality colour, faster and more efficiently, you need the new Latex ink technology from Ricoh. Thanks to the addition of orange and green inks you benefit from brighter images as well as a greater colour gamut that’s up to 93% of the Pantone range. These eco-friendly, durable AR inks are ideal for both indoor and outdoor use where they can last two years in most conditions.


Features & Benefits


Six-colour process including orange and green
With the orange and green inks as process colour, not only spot colour, a wider colour gamut is available which cannot be achieved by standard CMYK 4-colour process printing. This makes it perfect for posters and POPs for fresh-looking food industry products. It also allows superior reproduction of company logos. Improved spot colour enables superb design package proofs.

Delivers rich and contrasting details
By increasing the density of black ink, sharper, richer details can be produced. In addition, the improved glossiness creates more vivid, dramatic colours.

White ink for more vivid results
A white ink layer provides more vibrant colour results on transparent substrates such as window film and shatterproof film, which meets a wide variety of needs in the sign graphics industry.