Ricoh InfoPrint 5000 MP

Avoid technology lock-in

The InfoPrint 5000 Multi-Purpose Platform (MP), a key member of the InfoPrint 5000 continuous form, inkjet printer family, offers colour monochrome and MICR capability in a very compact footprint. The InfoPrint 5000 provides transactional printers, commercial printers, book printers and direct mailers with investment protection through platform interoperability, operating flexibility and ongoing product enhancements that are available to all InfoPrint 5000 customers. You can configure platforms and models with each other to run diverse applications and optimize productivity.

  • Tailor your solution with full-colour, monochrome and MICR configurations
  • Raise the quality of images and grayscales with enhanced halftones on certain monochrome models
  • Produce superb print quality from unique imaging technology that dynamically jets variable drop sizes for each pixel on each page

Features & Benefits


Transition to inkjet with confidence

The InfoPrint 5000 MP colour, MP monochrome and MP MICR models are designed to help you transition smoothly to inkjet technology. The MP models, which offer the lowest power consumption in the market and a very small footprint, are exceptionally versatile. For example, you can run monochrome applications now while you develop colour applications for future use. When you’re ready, you can convert to full colour on-site. Select the speeds and fluids that suit your needs now, and change them as requirements evolve.

The built-in AFP architecture, which is designed for high-speed printing, can provide accurate, consistent, device-independent output with page-level error recovery for MICR, monochrome and colour output and a variety of applications.

Pair platforms for greater flexibility

While MP models can be configured as a high-speed duplex mono or entry-level duplex colour system, you can also pair MP models with InfoPrint 5000 General Production Platform (GP) models to meet particular output needs.

One configuration pairs an on-demand MP MICR with a GP colour in Adobe PDF/PostScript environments, using a new feature for specified colour support.

Another configuration provides on-demand MICR for monochrome applications in the AFP environment, by pairing a new GP model using black and MICR inks with an MP mono in a compact footprint that delivers very high throughput. Another configuration combines two GP colour engines and a third engine, such as the InfoPrint 5000 MP MICR. This space-optimizing U configuration features face-to-face displays to maximize operator convenience.

Produce outstanding halftones

Images and grayscales in complex jobs, like books, can pose a quality challenge, especially when light tints are involved. Enhanced halftones on the MP MD3/MD4 monochrome models improve halftone quality while the printer is running at top speed.