Ricoh InfoPrint 5000 GP

Avoid technology lock-in

The InfoPrint® 5000 General Production Platform (GP) is a key member of the InfoPrint 5000 continuous form, inkjet printer family, which offers colour, monochrome and MICR capabilities at a range of speeds. The InfoPrint 5000 provides transactional printers, commercial printers, book printers and direct mailers with investment protection through platform interoperability, operating fl exibility and ongoing product enhancements that are available to all InfoPrint 5000 customers. You can confi gure platforms and models with each other to run diverse applications and optimize productivity.

The InfoPrint 5000 platforms are built with the same core technology but address different application and volume requirements. All are designed to conserve energy, produce superb quality, maximize productivity, offer an array of ink/fl uid choices and work with multiple data streams.


Features & Benefits


The GP models are fully compliant with Interchange Set/3 (IS/3) standards. This means that in multivendor environments, IS/3-compliant applications generated by Advanced Function Presentation (AFP) datastreams are printed correctly. IS/3 standards cover process and spot colours, International Color Consortium-based colour management, industry-standard image formats and more

Expand colour offerings with confidence

The InfoPrint 5000 GP is designed as a midrange volume solution for environments with varying requirements that may include tight print windows, diverse media and stringent colour quality. The GP models support a range of speeds, and all are field upgradeable. Track operational aspects of the InfoPrint 5000 through powerful tools such as InfoPrint Productivity Tracker and InfoPrint Ink Suite, a set of ink management tools. Expand colour possibilities with PANTONE PLUS certification, and an ever-increasing range of supported media types. The built-in AFP architecture, which is designed for high-speed printing, can provide accurate, consistent, device-independent output with page-level error recovery for monochrome and colour output.

Customize your solution with MICR

Opt for integrated or on-demand MICR with colour or monochrome, available from innovative model pairings of specific GP and InfoPrint 5000 MultiPurpose Platform (MP) models. One configuration provides on-demand MICR with colour in Adobe PDF/ PostScript environments, using a new feature for specified color support. Another configuration provides monochrome with On-Demand MICR in AFP environments, using the Intelligent Printer Data Stream (IPDS), in a compact footprint that delivers very high throughput. Another configuration combines two GP colour engines and a third engine, such as the InfoPrint 5000 MP MICR. This space-optimizing configuration features face-to-face displays to maximize operator convenience.