Ricoh D8600 Interactive Whiteboard

Ricoh’s super-sized D8600 Interactive Whiteboard is the perfect presentation tool for conferences, seminars, exhibitions and board meetings. With its stunning 4K display and multi-touch sensing providing a more immersive experience, your audience will be spellbound. The D8600 is ready in an instant. And, with its intuitive touchscreen simplifying operation, you can focus on your presentation and collaboration with onsite and remote members.

With a peripheral array of optical sensors and shadow sensing detection that eclipses other models, the fine detailing achievable on this 86” 4K interactive display is second to none. The D8600’s response to touch is significantly more accurate, resulting in writing that’s fluid, smooth and clear.

Supplied with the D8600 are an ergonomically-shaped touch pen and eraser, weighted to feel just right in your hand and which attach to the panel with magnets. Other intelligent touches include easy access controls and accessories such as a power button on the bezel and an optional IC card reader box below, housing front and side USB ports, while the rear has a discreet cable-tidy.

Beautifully crafted, easy to use and packed with high spec functionality, this dynamic display panel is the one-stop solution for larger spaces requiring superior capability.


Features & Benefits


It is easy to annotate presentations. The ergonomically shaped pen is perfectly weighted, and with ShadowSense technology, the fine detailing is second to none. The D8600 also supports videoconferencing (option) and can be linked seamlessly to other whiteboards, tablets and smartphones, enabling remote participants to share information and collaborate on documents in real time.

  • Engage, enlighten and enthuse larger audiences
  • Sophisticated design adn streamlined profile
  • 4K display and shadow sensing for more accurate imaging
  • Fast start and intuitive operation improve professionalism
  • Seamlessly connect whiteboards, tablets and smartphones