Partner Programme


Key Digital are a leading supplier of document solutions, which happen to be the largest unmanaged cost for any business. It would therefore be advisable to any organisation to make use of our managed print services in order to reduce costs and increase profit margins.

Our research has found that many businesses are currently spending more than they would otherwise need to on their print costs due to legacy hardware devices being left in place which are not adaptable to new system integrations or workload increases.

Partner Programme

We believe you would be an ideal Partner organisation to offer advice and recommendations on how organisations can reduce their overall costs, and that is where Key Digital step in.

Once our services have been referred, we would contact the business on your behalf to introduce ourselves and how we can work with them to implement a managed print service.

Our open book policy means that you will be completely involved at every stage of the process, with full clarity and transparency throughout.

This is not just a one-way Partnership, there is a great amount that you will receive in return for recommending our organisation – largely profit. Not only will your organisation receive a portion of the initial sale revenue, but also a recurring revenue from the service contract.

About Key Digital

Key Digital are the fastest growing document solutions company of its type in the UK. We have quickly gained a reputation as a first-choice provider of managed print services and total document solutions packages, including photocopiers, software solutions and production print presses.

As a proactive company, we combine the best hardware and software technology from market-leading manufacturers to exactly meet the needs of our clients.

From our head office in Burnley, our client base spans the whole of the UK, as well as key locations throughout the North West including Liverpool, Manchester and Leeds. We work hard to establish lasting relationships with our clients built on trust, knowledge and experience. We don’t see ourselves as merely a supplier, we see ourselves as problem solvers. We go above and beyond to provide you with a solution that works best for our clients.

In Conclusion

Taking part in our Partner Programme will be greatly advantageous for your business, not only offering a boost in revenue but also a whole host of other benefits.

The relationship between the end client and your organisation will be significantly enhanced due to the increased communication and heightened loyalty. This has the potential to lead to further conversations offering a greater financial benefit from either side of the Partnership.

As part of our open book policy you will receive an online portal from which you can view the client’s volumes, therefore allowing you to forecast earnings potential.

Finally, and most importantly, you have the potential to earn an additional recurring profit.


If you are interested in our Partnership Programme then please fill out this form and we will get in touch with you as soon as possible.