Legal Services Solutions

To be as productive as possible, efficiency is everything. With our innovative solutions, you’ll be able to focus on service – facilitating faster, easier and more effective workflows from the start.

With solutions that deliver measurable savings, we provide the cost-effective choice. From initial investment to ongoing running costs, you can expect minimum upkeep, easy management and clear financial visibility.

There are fewer sectors where security and confidentiality are quite as highly-valued. Consequently, we’ve developed secure technologies that help put you in total control of exactly who has access to your data and when.

  • Simplify document storage, search and retrieval to provide regulators easy access to information as well as minimising human errors and the possibility of losing manual paperwork by backing it all up.
  • Maintain high quality prints and manage costs with up to 84,000 pages of uninterrupted printing.
  • Budget for the future with managed print services; predict and reduce printing costs, receive replacement consumables automatically, and pay only for what you use.