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Key Print Assessment

Key Print Assessment

Being clear about your printing could open up many cost-saving opportunities

Using our Key Print Assessment allows us to see what you are printing and how much you are printing, this means that we can find potential cost-reducing areas to take benefit of. It also allows us understand what you need from your office print device and recommend a solution which will save you money, streamline your workflow and increase your productivity.

It has been suggested that a typical office worker prints more than 10,000 pages per year so it comes as no surprise that print is the third highest business operating cost behind rent and payroll. Our print audit service is designed to identify the costs associated with your organisation’s printing and to give you an accurate overview of your document production costs. The Key Print Assessment includes a full review of print costs, usage, usage needs and office environments.

  • Discover where prints are done
  • Learn who is printing, and what documents
  • Determine how documents are being produced (time, process, etc)
  • Find devices that are not being used to their full potential
  • Identify where the cost saving opportunities are