and business confidentiality

Track the cost of documents while providing client

Key Digital Legal Pack


Practice made perfect

A good practice needs to track the costs of all documents while providing client and business confidentiality. The Key Digital Legal Pack provides full auditing and reporting as a core feature and this, combined with market-leading ‘Pull Printing’, ensures your practice delivers on all counts.

Client billing is now detailed and accurate

We all like to be billed fairly for products and services, however, this presents a challenge for many firms in the legal sector. The Key Digital Legal Pack has this sorted by using client billing for printing, copying, faxing and scanning, so the right client or case is charged accordingly.

Your solution to confidential and accountable document processing is here

The Key Digital Legal Pack can provide a range of market-leading software solutions that deliver true document workflow and cost control, while simultaneous interfacing with Practice Management Systems (PMS).

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