Healthcare Solutions

At Key Digital, we understand that you’re under pressure to improve collaboration and patient care at the same time as cutting costs and working more efficiently.

That’s why we provide technology that simplifies and streamlines your workflows, saving you time and resources. This frees up your staff to work across teams and solve problems faster, by bringing your people, places and information together in real time. Delivering high performance with low intervention, our healthcare solutions let you focus on the most important person – your patient.

  • Balance reduced budgets with low cost, low maintenance print solutions tailored to your work environment
  • Scan anything from a postage stamp to A0 in high resolution, and seamlessly integrate into existing systems and workflows
  • Manage digital documents with ease; save on storage space and reduce file loss with easy access to historic documents

Case Studies

Increase productivity
With tougher legislation, rising costs of providing quality care, and an environment where patient information and privacy must be protected, Key Digital can help healthcare organisations improve and accelerate their processes.

  • Preserve patient privacy by authenticating, authorising, and reporting access and output of MFPs
  • Avoid misrouting patient records and reduce medical errors with pre-defined capture processes
  • Easily and securely scan patient records at the point of origin, reducing costly re-creation of lost documents

Improve organisational processes
Choose from a wide range of options to suit all printing and document management requirements and budgets; ideal for file management and data processing.

Take care of what matters most
Creating a healthier patient flow is easy to achieve and maintain, offers clear savings with no hidden costs – and allows medical professionals to focus on delivering the best possible patient care.