Financial Solutions

While technology is driving change, it can also be a tremendous challenge for financial institutions as they work to keep pace and even take advantage of the dramatic shift in customer needs and expectations. Millennials, baby boomers, small businesses – all are important market segments with very different wants and needs.

Online, mobile, omnichannel, untethered, data mining, automation, and remote communication are now all buzzwords surrounding the new technologies and resources financial institutions have to help them reinvent their branch experience. Capabilities are available today that were not imagined a decade ago.

The finance and banking sectors are operating in challenging business conditions. The public expects total transparency while Government and regulators demand adherence to stringent compliance rules.

To meet these expectations, we understand that you need technology that performs perfectly every time. That improves security and delivers results. That’s good for the environment and for your budget.

Key Digital delivers on every count. Let our technology help you beat budget restrictions, safeguard sensitive information and work more efficiently.


Case Studies

Save time on tasks like transaction processing by digitising documents – our scanners use automated workflows to integrate seamlessly into your existing processes. Scan anything from a postage stamp to A0 in high resolution, and share via email, cloud, local folder, mobile and more.

Manage your digital documents with ease; save on storage space and reduce file loss with easy access to historic documents.

Maintain high-quality prints and manage costs with up to 84,000 pages of uninterrupted printing.

Budget for the future with managed print services; predict and reduce printing costs, receive replacement consumables automatically, and pay only for what you use.