Epson SureLab D7 Studio EM

This model has been designed for copyshops, photo booths at venues and retailers who need to print on a range of print formats and media.

This microlab utilises Epson’s MicroPiezoTM printhead, inkjet and image processing technology. It includes an order terminal and up to two printers to fit inside its module. Users can add up to six additional D700 printers arranged in pairs inside each module. It can be used as a self-service system on the shop floor or behind the counter as a microlab used for producing larger print runs.

The SureLab D7 Studio’s modules are controlled by one order terminal with a 22-inch multi-touch screen, which can send print jobs to the SureLab D700 and D3000, as well as Epson large format printers, to create posters and canvases. This screen can also display digital advertising of the customers’ choice and its LED light panel can be tailored to match customers’ store colour themes. It offers low cost per print, fast print speeds (for 4×6 inch prints) of 360 sheets/h and a high resolution up to 720dpi x 1440dpi. It also supports many types of input sources.


Features & Benefits


Scalable & productive
The SureLab D7 Studio uses Epson’s inkjet printer, (the SureLab D700), that has a wide colour gamut and prints sharp images. It has a service interval of 100,000 prints with permanent parts to minimise service, a long-lasting blade and is low maintenance, which help reduce downtime and save time and money. It is also compatible with UltraChrome D6-S ink.

  • Scalable system: Up to four modules can be used at once with up to two D700 printers in each
  • Intuitive interface with a 22-inch multi-touch screen: Swipe, pinch and flick gestures to navigate through the software
  • Tailored to suit your needs: Can be used as a self-service system or a behind the counter microlab
  • Flexible media: Prints on paper-based matte, glossy and lustre media
  • Productive: Modules can be used at the same time when producing large print jobs

Tech Specs

Printing Method
Epson Micro Piezo drop-on-demand inkjet technology, High-performance print head technology designed for robust printing environments, Variable Sized Droplet Technology

Printing Resolution
720x720dpi on Lustre Paper, 720x720dpi on Glossy Paper, 720x360dpi on Luster Paper, 720x360dpi on Glossy Paper, 1440x720dpi on Matte Paper, 1440x720dpi on Luster Paper, 1440x720dpi on Glossy Paper

Minimum Droplet Size
2.5 pl, With Variable-Sized Droplet Technology

Max. Print speed
360 – 4×6″ (10x15cm) Prints/h, 8 – 4×6″ Secs per print

Ink Technology
Ultrachrome® D6-S

Ink Set
6 colours

Available Colours
Black, Cyan, Light Cyan, Light Magenta, Magenta, Yellow

Cartridge Size
200 ml

Supported Media
Glossy, Lustre, Matte

Media Handling
Roll Paper

No. Of Roll holders
2 pcs

Rear Roll specs
Weight < 4 kg, External Diameter 170 mm, Core Diameter 76 mm  ± 2 mm  ( 3 inch ), Max. Roll Length 66 m

Supported Media Width
102mm (4-inch), 127mm (5-inch), 152mm (6-inch), 203mm (8-inch), 210mm (A4)

Print Size
4 inches x 4 inches to 8 inches x 39 inches, 10 cm x 9 cm to 21 cm x 100 cm

Max. Print width
210 mm

Print Margins
Border defined by application, Borderless

Auto Cutter

Other Hardware
Control LED for roll paper and ink

Environmental Conditions – Temperature
Storage: 5 – 40 °C, Matte: 15 – 25 °C, Operating: 10 – 35 °C (except Matte)

Environmental Conditions – Humidity
Storage 5 – 85 % (no condensation), Matte 40 – 60 % (no condensation), Operating 20 – 80 % (except Matte, no condensation)

Compatible Operating Systems
Mac OS 10.5+, Windows 7, Windows 7 x64, Windows 8

USB 2.0 Type A