Epson SureColor SC-F9300

An evolution of Epson dye-sublimation technology that allows you to produce colourful textiles more quickly and at an even higher quality.

Epson knows that productivity is key, which is why we develop our technology to deliver optimal performance and avoid downtime. With the SureColor SC-F9300, you can be assured that all components – hardware, inks and software tools – work perfectly together to achieve exceptional print quality.

  • Versatile 64-inch dye sub printer: Create quality textiles and signage, quickly and efficiently
  • UltraChrome DS inks: For bright, colourful, durable prints
  • Faster printing: Print speeds of up to 108.6m²/h
  • A complete solution: Printer, inks, paper and software designed to work together perfectly
  • Improved reliability: Minimise head strike and cockling to maximise uptime

Features & Benefits


Choose your business future
When choosing a printer, you’re making a decision that could greatly impact your future business. Whether you rely on unwavering productivity for high-volume sports apparel printing, or achieving stand-out quality on the most intricate details for fashion and home decor, the SureColor SC-F Series of dye-sublimation printers can help unlock the potential of your business.

Sports apparel
Achieve high productivity for large quantities of football shirts, cycle wear, swimwear and more, all in standardised designs you can rely on.

Home decor
Meet the most exacting requirements in the production of curtains, blinds, upholstery, cushions, ceramic tiles or any hard substrate using a polyester coating. Interior designers and brand owners can be assured both high quality and sharp, photorealistic detail, well suited to decorating any commercial or domestic space.

Promotional items
Produce all sorts of promotional items with ease and give a high-quality personal touch to phone cases, bags and mugs, among many other things. Photo labs, online retailers and manufacturers can be proud of their high-quality products while assuring a low total cost of ownership, thanks to the SureColor SC-F dye sublimation series.

Let your creativity run wild with a wide colour gamut and high-quality results. For fashion designers and entrepreneurs, the SureColor SC-F dye sublimation series delivers colour stability and high definition blacks, and is easy and quick to maintain. This makes it ideal for dynamic and demanding production conditions for a wide range of textiles, regardless whether you’re printing a single catwalk garment or a longer run.

Soft signage
Make sure your message is understood with large format signage that really stands out. Now print service providers, repro shops and advertising houses can use increasingly popular polyester fabrics to create soft signage.