Epson in Education

Here at Key Digital, we understand education, and we use this knowledge to design technology solutions that makes learning continuous and efficient. That’s why our partnership with Epson is so important, together our solutions keep information moving. Our solutions connect collaborative groups, capture attention and empower both teachers and students.

Today’s technology needs to work seamlessly and continuously, from screen sharing and flexible learning to collaboration across locations, as well as empowering educators and students with a Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) strategy. Key Digital’s knowledge bank and managed solutions, combined with Epson’s technology, support this dynamic learning environment.

Get the best of both worlds

Best of both worlds

Key Digital’s award winning service and vast expertise combined with Epson’s cutting-edge technology gives you all the resource and flexibility you need to enhance your learning environment

Fully managed service

Fully managed service

Hassle-free and easy to manage. Your IT equipment should be built to last, easy to run, and support cross-curriculum learning. Key Digital’s technology solutions offer value right from the start, so you can focus on unleashing creativity and collaboration – without worrying about any hidden costs

Market-leading technology

Marketing-leading technology

Students are more connected than ever – and they expect the same of the technology they use to learn. Simple to use, highly reliable, and easy to maintain. Now is the time to put your institution at the cutting-edge of education technology, and protect your investment for the future.

Eco-friendly solutions

Eco-friendly solutions

We understand the importance of supporting a greener planet for future generations. Meet your environmental targets with up to 99% less waste and 96% less energy from Epson’s  WorkForce Pro print devices

The new way of printing

Low intervention. Low cost. High productivity.

Epson’s print devices are like no other – print speeds up to 100 pages per minute, print 100,000 pages without refilling the ink. Epson heat-free print technology has numerous benefits including:

  • 99% less waste produced
  • 98% less user-intervention
  • 96% less energy usage
  • 3.5x faster first page out time than traditional devices
  • Up to 50% lower cost per page than competitive printers

Replacing your existing print device with an Epson is an easy decision with benefits that can cut your energy usage, boost productivity and reduce waste – all whilst saving you money.

A better solution for you, your students and the planet.

Give every child the best view

Effective viewing distances
Epson’s interactive display solutions provide a scalable image size. Unlike flat panel displays, whatever the room, every student gets a perfect view without losing image quality or needing constant zoom adjustment. Having the right sized image for a room can make a huge difference to levels of concentration, enjoyment and understanding.

Quality through technology
Thanks to Epson’s 3LCD technology combines high resolution, brightness up to 8,000 lumens and rich colours to produce vivid, engaging images even in brightly lit classrooms. And three solid-state optical panels enable seamless colour blending for beautiful, consistent images.

High brightness
Inspire and engage students with the brightest, most colourful images. Whatever the subject, count on the right level of brightness for all content, as we quote the true levels of both Colour and White Light Output.

Interactivity and collaboration
With interactive display, everyone can become part of the learning process. 20% of people retain less than 20% of what is presented to them on slides, but our education solutions can improve retention of content and inspire collaboration by encouraging physical engagement with the content on display.

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