Digital Workflow

What is digital workflow?

A workflow is any process through which information passes from initiation to completion, this could be an invoice, a purchase order, a holiday request form or a job application. These documents, traditionally paper documents, are to be reviewed and approved as part of core business processes. By using Key Digital’s digital workflow transformation tools, these processes can be streamlined to better manage time, cost and drive efficiency.

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Challenges you may be facing

  • Bottlenecks occurring when staff are off sick or away on leave
  • Slow, manual processes impacting on cashflow and customer service
  • Unable to monitor review and approval status of documents
  • Tasks are left incomplete or overdue
  • Documents get lost or misplaced causing further bottlenecks

How we can help

We assess your existing situation, examining your current document workflow process and highlighting key areas of optimisation through digital processes creating a seamless workflow.

  • Assign documents to staff members with basic workflow instructions that trigger the document into their task list
  • Automatic digital routing for approval, rejection, holding or amendments with multiple-stage authorisation as necessary
  • Custom notifications let you know when a workflow requires your attention
  • Substitution rules allow workflows to be completed even in staff absence
  • Full audit trail and workflow history of every document and process
  • Mobile approvals and authorisations available via iOS and Android

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Key benefits

  • Realise significant time savings across the board with leaner workflows
  • Free up staff time to focus on revenue-generating activities
  • Full transparency of documents and location for easy audit management
  • Improve cashflow by streamlining accounts department processes
  • Easy collaboration with staff in different locations or those working remotely
  • Save valuable office space with digital document management

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