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Organisations run on documents. Every department from Finance, HR, Sales and Legal all rely heavily on paper-centric processes. These paper documents all require filing and storing as they contain useful information. However, filing and retrieval of paper documents is messy, time-consuming and expensive. Key Digital’s digital archiving solutions work to increase your business efficiency whilst reducing your cost using highly secure, industry-leading technology.

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Challenges you may be facing

  • Painful audit and compliances processes
  • Costly off-site storage and retrieval costs
  • Valuable space taken up by physical archives
  • Mismanaged storage and indexing
  • Use of shared folders causing duplication and misfiling issues
  • Time-heavy manual filing and lengthy document retrieval
  • Lack of document security
  • GDPR compliance issues around personal data storage and management
  • No disaster recovery

How we can help

By digitising paper archives and implementing a powerful document archiving platform, Key Digital can achieve significant bottom-line savings for businesses and organisations of any size. Using a more structured, user-accessible and secure platform, you can ensure maximum operational efficiency whilst reducing – or even eliminating – paper usage.

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Key benefits

  • Significant return on investment
  • Free up office space to create revenue-generating functions such as additional staff or facilities
  • Customisable access rights and security controls to protect sensitive documents
  • Digital filing cabinets for instant document access
  • OCR text and character searching to find keywords on documents
  • Full document version control and audit history
  • Greatly improve document security and data management
  • Military-grade AES file encryption
  • Improve audit preparation and other regulatory compliance
  • Save time and money whilst achieving greater efficiency and productivity
  • Achieve a truly paperless workplace

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