Corporate Social Responsibility

Vision & strategy

Key Digital are committed to our vision for building a better future. For us, being a sustainable company means being mindful of every aspect of our organisation – no matter how big or small. Part of our mission is to build trust through our innovative products and solutions, that help local communities grow and prosper. Our ongoing CSR activity helps create a better world and is at the heart of Key Digital’s philosophy.

In 2017, Key Digital selected CSR themes, taking into account social issues defined by ISO 26000 and other sources and considers to be consistent with the realisation of the sustainable development goals (SDGs) of the United Nations.

Our key CSR themes focus on:

  • Aligning business operations with global social trends
  • Effective use of resources, including energy
  • Compliance and alignment with regulations
  • Ongoing commitment to the upkeep of local communities


We aspire to make Key Digital an indispensable company through the practice of ethical corporate conduct and by playing a central role in realising a better world through the products and services we provide. Key Digital are always researching new ways to improve our environmental performance, working with our suppliers, customers and key partners to explore new processes and technologies.


In order for businesses to thrive, people must always remain at the heart of it. They must be engaged and inspired in order to remain motivated allowing them to deliver their best. This is especially true of Key Digital, where our success is built upon the skills, knowledge and passion of our people.

We maintain an environment that offers empowerment, care and compassion in a supportive workplace by listening to our employees’ wants and needs as well as investing in skill development and career advancement whilst ensuring a safe and healthy workplace.

We promote healthy lifestyles for all of our employees and provide support where possible as an organisation. This includes providing facilities to aid physical activity and dietary needs of all employees.


Our environmental commitment defines how we comply with environmental laws and regulations surrounding our business operations. This commitment also references how we integrate environmental, social and governance (ESG) priorities into our current organisation operations.

Ways we’re making our operations more sustainable:

  • Ensuring our suppliers align with our values and are committed to creating a more stable environment future
  • Running low-energy office spaces with carbon-efficient operations at every stage
  • Using virtual communication methods as opposed to physical travel where possible
  • Favouring paperless systems for documentation
  • Providing a portfolio of ENERGY STAR approved products
  • Engaging employees in environmental projects such as generating less waste, using less energy and providing alternative travel facilities

We run and participate in programs to get our employees actively involved in our sustainability efforts and engage them in new ways of thinking such as our active involvement in Earth Day and Earth Hour activities.


For Key Digital, our contributions to local communities are a reflection of our deep engagement in the cities and regions where we do business. We believe in supporting local people, providing employment opportunities and helping improve livelihoods to create a positive impact in our areas of work.

Our involvement and investment in the community is demonstrated through our philanthropic efforts, employee volunteering and a range of social initiatives we have implemented over a number of years.