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ACE Programme

A Key Digital ACE identifies and develops a sales opportunity and supports the customer throughout the initial stages of the sale, continuing through the customer experience. Their main purpose is maintaining customer confidence in services and products as well as promoting a professional image in the market place, gaining new and repeat business.

They are forward thinking and able to pinpoint customer requirements and seek out a solution offering exceptional customer service with a consultative approach.

At Key Digital we take immense pride in our customers, handpicking them to offer the best service that we can. As a representative of the business they are our principal brand ambassadors, often the first point of contact and instrumental in supporting the customer through their initial experience and showcasing the best of Key Digital.

Moving forward they will have the ability to greatly expand their role at Key Digital, moving into larger accounts and taking on more responsibility.



ACEs are responsible for finding new opportunities and engaging with the customer to develop their needs and requirements for a solution. They build relationships with prospects, clients and partners across a whole range of industries, working with them on a presales or post-sales basis.

They will identify new opportunities via telephone and field-based prospecting and are able to identify how Key Digital can add value to an organisation and what benefits a customer will experience.

ACEs are true experts and so they are responsible for keeping up to date with the latest product information and ensuring that their knowledge is of a high standard. They provide customers with specification information on all Key Digital products and services available.

Introductory phasing will lead them to working with the Business Manager to create a framework solution before presenting this to the customer.

They will make full use of the advanced CRM system to manage and optimise opportunities and maintain customer profiles.

The Programme

We provide extensive training on Key Digital’s cutting edge technology products and services over the course of around 12 months – although the programme is not time sensitive – with further training available following this.

During this time, an ACE will have several rotations within the business to give full exposure to the various functionalities and departmental practices. This will give a complete insight into the systems available, the processes we follow and intricate product knowledge.

The two key areas of our business are Business Development and Service. Within Business Development, an ACE will work towards understanding business operations and drivers whilst being equipped with advanced product knowledge in order to provide exacting solutions. Time within the Service Department will lead to a solid understanding of maintenance processes and protocols as well as intricate product details.


The ideal Key Digital ACE will be a smart, sociable, target driven individual who is self motivated, has good questioning and listening skills and works with persuasive enthusiasm. They will be an IT literate and precise person who has a positive disposition with a practical ability as well as a keen interest in business and technology.

This is an opportunity to build a strong career with a great set of benefits. It requires motivation and passion, and with the guaranteed support from Key Digital it will lead to your success.

Are you our next ACE?


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