Enhance your print with 5th Colour

Go ahead. Differentiate yourself.

5th Colour capabilities for metallic, clear, white and neon opens up a whole new playing field where new opportunities and increased profits are now within your reach.

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Gold, silver, rose gold: explore more colourful options than ever before.

The sparkle of silver and gold metallics can be used on their own or layered with CMYK to deliver new, stunning iridescent palettes that create more “wow” in less time. It’s never been easier to offer customers the embellishments they want, cost-effectively, with the speed, personalisation, and turnaround advantages of digital print

Neon & fluorescent

From cause marketing to unmissable promotions, help your customers benefit by offering some of the hottest colors in the marketplace.

As brands look to cut through the clutter, neon has truly become the go-to trend in marketing, packaging, fashion and home accessories. Neon expands the colour gamut, enhances images, and can be used as a solid, highlight, or graphic color. When combined with other process shades, it can create a neon palette.

White & Clear

Truly game changing – enhance your print with that premium finish.

The ability to print white toner on clear, coloured and metallic media enables a dramatic overall effect and enhances the purity of individual images so that they really stand out.

Clear toner enables the full richness and vibrancy of photography to come to life and gives logos and product images a luxurious feel that stands out. Plus, with clear toner, it’s easier to produce items like gift cards and coupons embedded with unique security patterns and codes.

Keypoint Intelligence-InfoTrends projects that digital print enhancement volume will grow at a 27% annual compound growth rate through 2020, providing print operations with new business that promises both growth and profit. Margins range as high as 50% to 400%, and print buyers report they are willing to pay premiums of 24% to 89%.

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