Our 4 Step Guide to Buying Office Supplies for your Business

Buying office supplies is a necessary part of any business and it’s one of those things that shouldn’t take up too much time or effort. However, it’s surprising how many departments and organisations are not procuring these in the most efficient and effective way. Luckily, there are plenty of ways to get this important area under control. Here’s a quick checklist to help get your supplies ordering on track.

1) Control who orders office supplies in your business – this is an important first step in ensuring your procurement is both efficient and cost-effective. Office supplies may seem like a small part of overall expenditure but it is an area that can spiral into a hidden cost, if not managed centrally.

2) Use a reliable and trusted provider – once you have determined who can purchase supplies in your business it’s time to choose an office supplies provider. There are many providers out there, with lots of tempting introductory offers but the most important thing to consider is reliability and trust. Supplies keep an office running smoothly so you need to be able to count on delivery times and stock.

3) Choose from a wide range of products – it makes sense if you can buy all your office supplies and IT products from the same place. This enables you to benefit from economies of scale, grouped delivery and order transparency. Check the range of products from any provider before you buy and before you enter into a long-term partnership.

4) Ensure excellent customer service – even though you’re buying online, you want to ensure that customer service is there when and where you need it. Buying for business is different than for personal use and sometimes you’ll need dedicated account management and customer service support to keep your account running smoothly.

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