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Key Digital Education Package

  • Track and budget staff printing by faculty, department, class or year level.
  • Change the way students print with reminders to encourage positive behaviour.
  • Pass the costs to the highest users with pay-per-use.
  • Assign student or department print quotas.
  • Use online payment gateways for easy fund transfers from banks or others like PayPal.
  • Automatically update student lists with directory integration.
  • Offer choice and freedom to print from whatever device is at their disposal.

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Key Digital Charity Bundle

Charitable organisations often need to keep costs under control and provide accountability for their running costs. The software and services provided by this pack are specifically designed to meet these requirements often meaning more money available for the good causes they support.

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Key Digital Legal Pack

A good practice needs to track the costs of all documents while providing client and business confidentiality. The Key Digital Legal Pack provides full auditing and reporting as a core feature and this, combined with market-leading ‘Pull Printing’, ensures your practice delivers on all counts.

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